A downloadable game for Windows

A room-scale VR game without headset! Two blindfolded players must fight for their lives in labyrinthine arena, by tapping and feeling the walls to find the other in the dark.


  • No VR visuals! NONE AT ALL!
  • Awesomely tactile walls.
  • Epic Drum beats.
  • Insanely fast combat.

By Sarah Josefsen and Mateo Perez, with music by Elie Abraham.


This is a game for two players but we recommend having a third person to check nobody knocks into a wall or gets hurt otherwise.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Place the Vive headset on the floor near the play space, facing down.
  3. Grab one controller each. Don't touch any buttons or the touchpad!
  4. move into your positions: one in the center and one in the border of the play space.
  5. Put on your blindfolds.
  6. Find the other player and push their controller's buttons to win!


  • Don't walk into walls! Try tapping slowly with your controller to feel where you can step.
  • If you hear drums, it means your opponent is at reach!
  • Protect your controller! If the other player (or yourself) taps any of its buttons or touchpad you will lose.


BlindnSeek_NGJ17.zip 14 MB